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Reproductive Left

Reproductive Left is a podcast by Mabel Wadsworth Center, a feminist, nonprofit, sexual and reproductive healthcare provider in Bangor, ME. After a three year hiatus, we are back with new hosts: Catherine Chavaree (she, her) and Aspen Ruhlin (they, them). Join us as we explore topics that impact our sexual and reproductive health and lives.

New episodes the last Friday of the month!

  1. Body Positivity: an Intro

    February 26, 2021 In this episode, Cat and Aspen talk about the successes and shortcomings of the body positivity movement, how the fat acceptance movement has always been led by Black women, and some of the historical influences on diet culture and fatphobia in our society today. Do you know what the eugenics movement and… read more…

  2. A Sample of Past Episodes

    On this episode, we make a big announcement regarding the future of Reproductive Left and air a mix-up of past interviews. This gives you a taste of what you can find in the Reproductive Left archives.

  3. Domestic Violence Prevention with Regina Rooney

    On this episode, we talk with Regina Rooney, the education and communication director at the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence. Regina discusses the role of the coalition in the state of Maine and describes the work of their member organizations. We explore topics like domestic violence within LGBTQ communities, how partner abuse can look… read more…

  4. How to Heal After Sexual Assault with Gail Foss, RN, LADC

    In this episode, we are discussing the #metoo movement from the perspective of healing. With us is Gail Foss, RN and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, we talk about how she helps women and men heal after experiencing sexual violence. In the interview, Gail opens up about her own experience and tells us a little bit… read more…

  5. Providing Abortion Care with Dr. Jamila Perritt

    On January 18, 2018, we had the privilege of hosting Jamila Perritt MD MPH FACOG for our annual Roe v. Wade celebration. She spoke about her experience as an abortion provider, shared her story along with stories of the women she takes care of and highlighted why reproductive justice is what we all need to… read more…

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