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Reduced Cost Care

What is MabelCare?

MabelCare is a program that offers uninsured clients reduced fees if they meet current eligibility guidelines. Fees are based on a two-tiered income guideline similar to a sliding fee.

Do I have to pay the day I come in?

Yes. All MabelCare fees must be paid in full day of service. In extreme circumstances, exceptions will be made, but arrangements must be made in advance. Any written off or outstanding balance must be paid in full before MabelCare rates apply.

Does MabelCare cover everything?

MabelCare does not cover outside lab fees and some exclusions apply. Please call with questions.

How much will I have to pay?

Fees varying depending on the services you receive. Office visits start at $30.

Here are some examples:

Amber is a 25-year-old and an established client at Mabel Wadsworth Center. She is looking to come in for STI testing and to discuss birth control options. She recently lost her insurance coverage. She has two children, therefore a family size of three. Her current income is $450 per week. She qualifies for MabelCare Tier 1.  Her cost would be $30 for the STI testing and $30 for the office visit, totaling $60.

Alex is a 22-year-old and is interested in gender affirming hormone therapy. He is a new client at Mabel Wadsworth Center. Alex has no children and lives alone, so he would be considered a family size of one. His income is $1,300 per month. He qualifies for MabelCare Tier 1. His cost would be $50 for his first office visit.

Kayla just found out she is pregnant and is interested in starting prenatal care at Mabel Wadsworth Center. She and her partner live together, making a household size of two. They have a combined monthly income of $2,950 and qualify for MabelCare Tier 2. The cost of her first ultrasound visit would be $75.

How do I know if I qualify?

Uninsured clients qualify for reduced fees if their income is at or below  250% of the Federal Poverty Limit. Fees are based on which of two tiers a client falls into: 0%-150% FPL or 151%-250% FPL. Income is verified by a verbal report from the client only.

Use this chart to determine your eligibility: