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Trainings and Workshops

Mabel Wadsworth Center has provided trainings and workshops to a range of groups, from national organizations like the Abortion Care Network and National Abortion Federation to local schools and healthcare offices. Below is a list of our current offerings. Please email educate@mabelwadsworth.org to schedule a training with us. 

Inclusive Sex Education— Sex education should have relevant and accurate information for all students, but current models often exclude many, particularly LGBTQIA+ students. This workshop focuses on providing sex education that is relevant and affirming for everyone, with a goal of reducing stigma to improve health outcomes. This workshop can be customized for different audiences, such as health teachers or students, with content shifting to be age and audience appropriate/relevant.

Trans 101— Trans people are and always have been part of our communities, but we don’t always know how to best support them. This workshop provides attendees with education on everything from pronouns to how gender is experienced to best practices in accessible and easy to understand language. The Trans 101 workshop can be customized to the audience and their specific questions, concerns, and needs. Frequent audiences of this workshop include healthcare workers, school staff, and students.

LGBTQ+ 101— Similar to the Trans 101 workshop, this workshop addresses the wider spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community and how to provide support in the attendee’s role. This workshop is customized to the questions, concerns, and needs of the audience. LGBTQ+ 101 is most sought out by healthcare providers seeking to provide competent care to their patients, though it is available for all audiences.

Trans-Inclusive Abortion Care/Access— Abortions are essential healthcare. This is true for trans people, who are often excluded from conversations around abortion, which increases barriers to accessing care. This workshop focuses on how attendees can shift the ways they discuss or provide abortion care to include all people who need abortions. The audience for this workshop includes abortion care providers and abortion access advocates.

Training Fees: All workshops are $250/hour. If this fee is inaccessible for your organization or community group please let us know.