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Board of Directors

Quinn Gormley (she/her, they/them), President

QuinnElleen Gormley currently serves as the Executive Director of the Maine Transgender Network (MTN). Her work with MTN ranges from community building initiatives, expanding health equity and access across the state, suicide prevention, policy advocacy, and violence prevention. Before MTN, Quinn worked in a variety of community organizing settings, including at the Health Equity Alliance managing a rural HIV testing program and building rural LGBTQ+ communities, and with the Maine People’s Alliance working on economic and health justice issues. Throughout her work, Quinn believes in centering the wellness of marginalized communities, and that the root of power and liberation can be found in communities that embrace their diversity and interdependence. She lives with her husband Ezra and a small menagerie of pets in Central Maine.

Aislinn Canarr (she/her/hers),  Past President

Aislinn Canarr lives outside Bangor with her cat all week and with her son on the weekends.  She graduated from Wheaton College, MA with a degree in Economics and Urban Studies.  She doesn’t share that too often as people then expect her to know about GDP, GNP, and all sorts of other acronyms that she barely remembered for the tests.  Instead, she focused on the social economics of race and racism, gender, education, labor and economic history.  She started working with Mabel’s advocacy committee in 2016, and she found an outlet for her passion around reproductive justice and sexual health. When not working to smash the patriarchy, she enjoys cards, evenings with friends, and the arts.

Samaa Abdurraqib (she/her/hers), Treasurer 

Samaa is the Executive Director of the Maine Humanities Council.

Lily Herakova (she/her/hers), Secretary

Lily Herakova (she/her/hers) is a Communication and Journalism faculty member at the University of Maine. She holds a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she researched how pregnancy knowledge and care are communicated in clinical and everyday contexts. Lily identifies as a feminist who engages storytelling and performance to ignite community dialogues on complex issues of social justice, such as race relations, immigration, health disparities, sexual violence, and stigmatized health experiences. Her journey into U.S. academic circles was as much necessitated by her love for her partner and by visa restrictions as it was moved by her curiosity and commitment to learning and social change. Lily is a mother, a spouse, a daughter, a sister, a baker, a teacher, a sexual assault survivor, a person who has had an abortion, a… Her immediate family is spread across 4 countries and her network of loved ones spans 4 continents. Longing and loving are the defining gerunds of her life and she explores them in her academic writing and in the occasional bad poems. Lily is an immigrant who has lived mostly in the U.S. for the past 16 years. In that time, she has filled many roles in the story of immigration – she has been the intellectually-gifted foreign student who’s been told she can go as far as she wants, she’s been the alien waiting for a green card, she’s been the pregnant foreign mother on welfare, the winner of small academic awards, the cleaner of offices, the host of play dates, and organizer of conferences.

Kathy Kilrain del Rio (she/her/hers)

Kathy Kilrain del Rio is passionate about making organizations, advocacy, and government inclusive for all people and raising up the voices of the people who are most impacted by injustice and inequitable policies in our work toward a truly equitable future. She began her career as an educator—teaching people of all ages from preschool to middle school classrooms to pre-GED and GED programs in a NYS correctional facility. Kathy made Maine her home in 2006, working to improve literacy and language skills of adult learners both in local literacy and adult education programs and through systemic work at a statewide organization. In 2012 she joined the staff of the Maine Women’s Lobby where she oversaw programs, outreach, fundraising, and communications efforts. Kathy organized three Maine Women’s Summits on Economic Security and helped engage activists, media, and policymakers on a range of issues impacting women’s lives. In 2018 she joined Maine Equal Justice where she currently works as Director of Campaigns and Healthcare Advocacy, fighting for expanded and improved access to affordable health care for all Mainers. Kathy also serves on the board of Emerge Maine and is recharged by reading, music, and having fun adventures with her family and dear friends.

Patricia A Goodhines (they/them/theirs)

Patty is a faculty member in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Maine in Orono. In addition to providing LGBTQ+-affirming therapy, Patty specializes in health psychology research focused on substance use risk, equity, and harm reduction. Patty came to UMaine in 2022 by way of St. Lawrence University, Syracuse University, and Brown Medical School. They were drawn to Mabel’s advocacy work as a meaningful way to give back to their new community in Maine, following a history of volunteering for Planned Parenthood. In their free time Patty enjoys hiking, live music, community volunteering, and spending time with their child (i.e., beloved cat) Ophelia.

Hillary E. Knight (she/her/hers)

Hillary Knight’s career as a lawyer is dedicated to protecting vulnerable people from oppressive systems. After four years as a public defender in Worcester, Mass., Hillary returned home to Maine to work as a legal aid lawyer, providing free representation and a supportive ear to clients facing eviction and navigating our public benefits system. A graduate of Smith College, Hillary is committed to empowering people of all genders, protecting the right to bodily autonomy, and supporting the movement for reproductive justice. Hillary lives in Bangor with her partner and spends her free time outdoors, hiking, exploring, and fly fishing.

LaRae LaBouff (she/her/hers)

LaRae has lived in the Bangor area for nine years. She grew up in Oklahoma and went to Baylor University in Texas where she earned a degree in Film & Digital media. She took a career turn early on and focused on health care, which has since become a passion. She worked for a women’s health clinic before settling as a Histotechnologist working in laboratories in both Waco, TX and Bangor. She is currently enjoying very early retirement that gives her time to travel and spend with her husband and senior dog.

Sarah F Parker (she/her/hers)

Sarah F Parker has a BA in Economics, a Master’s degree in Development Economics, and a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies. Sarah is passionate about equity, justice, and equal access to vital resources for everyone, devoting her professional and avocational work to these issues, especially concerning girls and women and all those who are underserved or on the margins. She has lived and worked all over the world, moving home to Bangor in the fall of 2020. Sarah’s professional experience has been in the international non-profit arena. Most recently, she served as the Development Director for a nonprofit organization that empowers young women and girls in Afghanistan through community-based education, at both the K-12 and post-secondary level. Prior to this, Sarah served as the Director of the Council of Women World Leaders, a non-profit based in Washington, DC. The Council is comprised of current and former women Presidents and Prime Ministers whose mission is to create and sustain networks of women who lead at the highest levels in their countries and regions to develop and promote policies and programs to benefit the well-being of women and girls. 

Prior to her work with the Council, Sarah worked as the Program Director for Cooperation Ireland, an organization based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Cooperation Ireland’s mission is to promote the cooperation of community constituencies between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as between divided communities in Northern Ireland. 

Before moving to Ireland, Sarah worked for the International Rescue Committee in Bosnia Herzegovina. As the Program Manager for Community Development, Sarah worked with local and international partners to facilitate and promote the safe return of refugees and displaced people to their place or origin, as well as the safe re-settlement of displaced people in their post- war location. This work was done through the development and support of community-based organizations providing for the self-identified needs of the communities they served. 

Professionally, Sarah is currently doing a 180 degree turn and is in the process of creating and starting her own business centered on her additional passions for design, antiques, and the overlays of storytelling. 

Sarah has always been actively involved in volunteer work in her community. While in Ireland she volunteered for Oxfam Ireland and the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. While in MA, she served on the United Way of Massachusetts Bay North Shore Regional Advisory Board and the United Way Grant Allocation Committee, as a member of the Women in Action Steering Committee, and as a volunteer for various political campaigns. Since moving home to Maine, she has worked for the Maine Cooperative Extension as a Master Gardener volunteer, as a volunteer for the Women’s Lobby, and as a volunteer for Senator Baldacci’s re-election campaign.  She is thrilled to be serving on the board Mabel Wadsworth and looks forward to working with this incredible community of passionate supporters of abortion rights and equity in health care.

Suzanne Parish Gordon (she/her/hers)

Suzanne Parish Gordon is proud of her career as a pediatric physical therapist and educator, having recently retired as Professor Emeritus from her position as Director of the School of Physical Therapy, Husson University.  In decades of working in and teaching about healthcare, she has witnessed the joys and challenges of the disparate U.S. healthcare system.  Consequently, she continues to teach PT students about advocacy for healthcare services that honor health equity – the right of each individual to attain the highest level of health.  With this personal mission, she is pleased to join the Mabel’s Board of Directors.  She earned her BS PT degree from the University of Missouri, her MA degree in pediatrics and education from the University of North Carolina, and her EdD degree in higher education leadership from the University of Maine.

Evangeline C White (she/her/hers)

Evangeline is a queer 33-year-old local business owner, healer, and Single mother. Originally from Long Island, NY, she moved to Maine as a teen and has settled in the Bangor area for the past ten years to raise her family. As a trauma survivor and person in recovery who has experienced homelessness, she is extremely passionate about not only community building and action but dismantling oppressive systems, which are the root of poverty and its symptoms. She is passionate about accessible, compassionate intersectional feminist healthcare and feels especially grateful to Mabel Wadsworth Center. In December of 2022, she experienced a complicated ectopic pregnancy that was detected under the care of their amazing providers, which allowed her to get life-saving emergency surgery at EMMC in perfect timing. Evangeline has also acted as an abortion Doula to many friends who have had to have this procedure and has also had an abortion there herself. Evangeline strongly believes that public health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually is the foundation for a thriving community. She feels deeply called to do the work that will support her values and is beyond excited to be a part of Mabel’s Mission. She is a dedicated board member and puts her heart into working with such an incredible team.