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Mabel Wadsworth Center is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit health center. We receive NO government funding, so we rely solely on income from our services and private support to fund our health center! When you support Mabel Wadsworth Center, your donation will have a direct and meaningful impact on people in our community. Your gift enables us to provide high-quality, compassionate, and non-judgmental health care and to advocate for policies that protect women’s health and reproductive rights. To learn more about the impact your contribution will have, click here to read client testimonials. Check out our Ways to Give page to learn more about other ways to support our work.

If you become an Evergreen monthly donor or increase your monthly giving between October 7 and October 21, we will send you “thank you” gifts:

$5/month: Mabel’s Evergreen Donor sticker

$15/month: “Everyone deserves feminist healthcare” fanny pack and donor sticker

$25/month: Mabel Wadsworth Center water bottle and items above

$35/month: Handmade mask by Saya Studio with hand sanitizer and items above

$50/month: Limited Edition “Persist and Resist” block print by Dirigo Design and items above

Images of Evergreen Donor Drive Gifts

Additionally, during this time your gift will go even further. Thanks to the generosity of a committed group of founders, current and former board members, and other long-time supporters, if you sign up now your monthly donation will be matched for a year.

Already a monthly donor? You can still participate by increasing your monthly giving! Contact Kate Waning ( to increase your giving.

Donations are tax-deductible.