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Upcoming Events

Summer Justice Series

Both nationally and locally, the landscape for abortion access and reproductive rights are shifting rapidly. Now more than ever, it’s important for our communities to unite and clearly assess our current conditions and the pathways forward.

Mabel Wadsworth Center and Maine Family Planning are teaming up to host a Summer Justice Series of engaging educational events that will explore threats to reproductive and bodily autonomy, as well as the resiliency and strengths of the movements for abortion access, gender liberation, and reproductive justice to meet these challenging times.

What About The Babies?! – Pregnancy & Parenting at the Intersections of Poverty & Substance Use

August 15 from 5:30 – 7:00PM at the Bangor Area Recovery Network (BARN), 142 Center St., Brewer

The War on Drugs increased persecution of pregnant people and parents who use drugs. The resulting criminalization, family separation, and stigma are some of the most pressing reproductive justice issues facing Maine today. How we respond has broad implications for everyone’s reproductive rights. Join us for an interactive workshop where we connect the dots on these complex issues.


Mabel’s Voices Story Crafting Workshop

August 9 from 3:00 – 5:30pm at Mabel Wadsworth Center

Mabel’s Voices is making an event-ful comeback, kicking off with a Storytelling Workshop with Dr. Lily Herakova, a communications and journalism professional and Mabel’s Board Member, and Abbie Strout, Mabel’s Director of Education and Community Engagement.


Storytelling is a constructive action – it helps us build trust, make connections, perform the im/possible, elevate our knowledge and understanding, craft a community around the sharing of our stories. If you would like to experiment with and experience the power of story-sharing together with a small group of people, this workshop is for you. Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity to craft a personal story and tell it in an intimate, confidential storytelling circle at the end of the workshop. Specific skills to be developed during this training include: brainstorming and selecting a story for sharing, developing emotionally impactful arc, and techniques for presenting in front of an audience. Whether you have a story that yearns to be heard or you are wondering what is there in your life that deserves telling; whether you want to be a more thoughtful listener or a more outspoken and vulnerable activist story-teller, we hope that you will join us in this collective effort to make our stories matter.

RSVP is required to attend and must be done by each interested individual through our Google Form:


Unmentionables Story Slam

August 9 from 6:00 – 8:00pm Story Slam at West Market Square Artisan Coffee House in Bangor 

This slam will explore the topic of “Unmentionables” with a sub-focus on things you didn’t (but should have) learned from sexual education to things that you have felt you couldn’t share with others.

People are not obligated to share their story/stories at the Slam or to have attended the Storytelling Workshop. This event is free and open to the public. Questions can be directed to