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STD Testing and Treatment

Amicroscope_lp sexually transmitted infection (STI) is an infection caused by bacteria, parasite, or virus that is spread by contact with semen, vaginal fluids, or blood and by skin-to-skin contact during sexual activity. You can reduce your risk of contracting or passing an STI by using condoms and dental dams during sexual activity.

Anybody who is sexually active is at risk for getting an STI. More than half of all people will have an STI at some point in their lives. The most common symptom for most STIs is no symptom. Therefore, it is important to know how to protect yourself against getting an STI and to get tested annually if you are sexually active. You may need to get tested more often if you have unprotected sex and/or have multiple partners.



Mabel Wadsworth Center offers testing for the follow STIs:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • HPV (including genital warts)
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • Trichomoniasis
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Pubic Lice/Crabs

We also offer risk reduction education, support, and treatment.

All services are confidential. Call (207) 947-5337 or Email Us today to schedule an appointment.