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The most common reason for needing a colposcopy is that an individual had a Pap test that showed some abnormal changes with their cervical cells or had positive HPV results with their pap test. A colposcopy allows us to take a look at your cervix and see the area(s) where those changes are taking place.

A colposcopy is a close-up look at your cervix done by a specially-trained healthcare provider. During a colposcopy a speculum is inserted into your vagina, just like when a pap test is done. In addition, your provider will use a special tool called a colposcope to get a magnified view of your cervix. The colposcope does not actually touch you during the procedure.

Ignoring the problem of an abnormal Pap test result will not make it go away; it is very important to have a colposcopic exam done if recommended by your healthcare provider. When cervical cell changes are caught early and examined by colposcopy, those changes are usually followed with additional Pap tests until the changes return to normal. Only the more significant changes have to be treated to be cured.

The cells on the cervix can have abnormalities for a number of different reasons. These cells have to go through many stages of change before they become cervical cancer. A colposcopy allows your provider to diagnose the problem early, and if action is needed the abnormal cells can usually be removed with a treatment done at a gynecologist’s office.

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