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Mabel’s Voices

The goal of the project is to end the shame, silence, and stigma that surround abortion and to stop the marginalization of reproductive health. We believe that when we share our experiences with abortion, we empower ourselves and others. By telling your story, you let others know that women who have abortions are a diverse group. There is not just one type of person who has abortions. It is a normal and necessary part of reproductive lives. The stories collected through the Mabel’s Voices Project will be compiled into materials such as blogs, brochures, films, and booklets that can be used to help others understand their options and make informed choices about their reproductive lives. Click here to share your story.

  1. There aren’t women who have abortions and women who have babies

    One of our favorite quotes hanging in our clinic says “There aren’t women who have abortions and women who have babies. These are the same women at different points in their lives.” After reading Jessi Leigh Swenson’s op-ed, posted in full below, we invited her to share her story here because it so beautifully illustrates… read more…

  2. No One Can Fire Me

      By Susan E. Davies I got the report in Cambridge, MA, in the spring of 1972, 45 years ago.  With other chaperones, I’d taken the church youth group to Bean Town to see a Red Sox game, go to the Science Museum, worship in Quaker silence, and explore.  When we visited Pat’s apartment Friday… read more…

  3. Mabel’s Voices

    “When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.” -Adrienne Rich

  4. Voting Stories

    In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, the next few posts will be focused on women’s experiences voting. We’d love to hear your story as well. Why do you vote? What issues bring you to the polls? What was it like voting for the first time? Maybe you choose not to vote, why? Have you ever… read more…

  5. We All Have Bad Days

    Catherine Frederick’s Story told on May 19, 2016 at Mabel Wadsworth Center’s Annual Dinner Celebration We have bad days, long weeks, and difficult years. For me, February 2015 was the endpoint of a disparaging brutish year. It was early in the month and I was staring at a positive pregnancy test. It was the fourth test… read more…

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