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A Million Acts

“Social change is a million individual acts of kindness.  Cultural change is a million individual acts of subversive resistance.”

-Mary Pipher

This campaign is an opportunity for every person in our community, including you, to get involved.

“A Million Acts” represents the strength and resilience of our entire community – board, staff, volunteers, clients, donors, and community members – to continue to provide healthcare, to educate, and to advocate, no matter what lies ahead.

We are inviting you to join us in “A Million Acts” by supporting Mabel Wadsworth Center in one of three ways:

Donate. Every dollar counts. Your gift is an act of resistance – your gift supports social and cultural change.

Here are some ways your financial support helps those most in need:

  • Your act of $5,000 supports 100 clients receiving no or low-cost preventive care like birth control and cancer screenings
  • $2,500 helps to provide gender-affirming hormone therapy to trans clients and  cultural competency staff training
  • $1,000 provides training to educate the next generation of sexual and reproductive healthcare providers
  • $500 helps cover abortion care to a woman in need
  • $250 covers an annual exam and follow up care for one woman without insurance
  • $100 covers the cost for staff and advocacy volunteers to travel to Augusta to advocate for reproductive justice and educate state lawmakers
  • $50 allows us to help register people to vote at universities, community events, and right inside our waiting room
  • $35 helps us to offer a pregnancy test and an options counseling visit to one client

No matter the size of the gift, your donation is resistance!

Become a Client. When you come to Mabel Wadsworth Center and use your private insurance, it helps others. Just by having your annual wellness exam here, we can provide that same service for up to three uninsured clients! Learn more about our services and make an appointment today!

Volunteer. We rely heavily on volunteers to help us run our non-profit health center. No matter what your age, gender, orientation, or background, we have a role for you to play! Contact us to learn how to get involved.

Join us! Make a gift today or become a client or a volunteer. Or if you’re really ambitious, you can do all three!

Our Goal is to raise $250,000 by the end of 2018 to provide healthcare to low-to-moderate income people, and to educate and advocate for healthcare access. We also seek to attract 120 more clients and engage new volunteers to provide more than 3,000 hours of their time.

It’s a simple formula:

$250,000 + 120 new clients + 3,000 hours of volunteer time =

Providing and advocating for feminist, accessible healthcare for our community!

By joining, you’ll be part of the growing community of people who support Mabel Wadsworth Center and our mission of providing a feminist model of health care, focused on sexual and reproductive healthcare, through education, advocacy, and clinical services.

Thank you!