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Bucks Against Bullies

During the 40 days leading up to the midterm election, clinics across the country, including Mabel Wadsworth Center, will be targeted by a national anti-abortion organization whose sole mission is to end safe and legal abortion. They stand outside clinics, harassing and intimidating providers and attempting to shame their clients.

Every morning, we drive by these bullies; when we leave for our lunch break, drive past these bullies again; after a busy day of taking care of people emotionally and physically, drive past these bullies. Our clients, visiting us for birth control, prenatal care, gender-affirming hormone therapy, and for abortion care services will be forced to drive by these bullies and their stigmatizing and hurtful signs.

During these 40 days, Mabel Wadsworth Center is turning lemons into lemonade by collecting “Bucks Against Bullies,” and we are asking you to join us by making a donation and/or writing a note of compassion or gratitude to our staff, volunteers, and clients. Our goal is to raise $4,000 and collect at least 40 notes.


Write a Compassion Note

We want to fill our clinic with positivity to counteract the protests. Compassion notes that we receive will be printed and hung up in our waiting room for all to view when they walk in, and some will be randomly chosen for online posting so we can spread the love even further!

In order to add some fun to this campaign, we have created the following donation goals:

  • $1,000 earns an early Valentine’s Day for our clients, with candy and a chance to win a gift card for those who visit after we reach that goal
  • $2,000 earns an appreciatory lunch for our amazing staff to thank them for the essential services that they provide every business day
  • $3,000 earns a small, fun makeover for Nik Sparlin, our Development and Communications Assistant, who will dye their hair Mabel’s purple
  • $4,000 earns a Mabel’s Karaoke Night (location TBD) with members of our staff singing a special song for Facebook live that our generous donors vote for


Write a Compassion Note

Funds that we raise from this campaign will go toward the direct services that we provide for our clients.

By donating, you are supporting Mabel Wadsworth Center’s mission to provide compassionate reproductive and sexual healthcare for all!