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Join the Fight for Trans Inclusive Abortion Care

Add your name to join Mabel Wadsworth Center in the fight for trans-inclusive abortion care!

It’s past time for conversations around abortion to include transgender people—binary and nonbinary alike.

A person’s need for abortion access or prenatal care is due to their body parts, not their gender. Trans men, intersex individuals, cisgender women, nonbinary people, and gender non-conforming folks can all have abortions. And all of us can continue pregnancies, need prenatal care, use birth control, choose to be parents, and decide to be child-free too.

Using gender-inclusive language when discussing abortion and reproductive health care—like saying “pregnant people”—is both more accurate and straightforward. Instead of vague conversations about “women’s health” and “choice” that don’t specifically address the issue, it’s time to openly discuss how all people who can get pregnant need access to compassionate and safe abortion care.

Through advocacy and education, we’re working to ensure that health care providers and activists in Maine and across the country make the fight for reproductive freedom a welcome space for trans people.