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Announcing “Terry’s Trust”: a new initiative to honor Terry Marley-DeRosier, WHNP

After more than 23 years of service as an employee, and nearly four decades as a co-founder, Terry Marley-DeRosier, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, is leaving Mabel Wadsworth Center to explore new opportunities. While this news is bittersweet, we are pleased to announce the launch of “Terry’s Trust”, a new initiative to honor Terry’s legacy and ensure the Center’s sustainability for many years to come.

As a co-founder, and our longest-serving provider whose philosophy of care was instrumental to the creation of “the Mabel way”, Terry’s contributions to Mabel Wadsworth Center and the greater community are significant; among her many accomplishments, Terry’s impact is far-reaching:

  • Helping to envision and create Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center, Maine’s only independent nonprofit feminist health center, and the first Maine clinic to offer abortion care;
  • Reaching thousands through education, empowering women with accurate information and resources about their reproductive and sexual health, including special programs on lesbian health, menopause, and women and AIDS;
  • Establishing our prenatal care practice when she merged her private practice in 1997, becoming one of the only practices in the area to serve clients with MaineCare, and one of the only independent nonprofit clinics nationwide to offer full-spectrum pregnancy care;
  • Expanding gynecology services to include colposcopy for cervical cancer screenings, an unmet need in our region;
  • Teaching and training countless nursing students and medical residents; and
  • Playing a vital role in developing the long-term strategy to change Maine’s physician-only restriction on abortion care, and then becoming one of the state’s first nurse practitioners to provide abortion care when the law changed in 2019.

Message from Terry Marley-DeRosier:

“While this change is bittersweet, I could not be prouder of the Center’s contributions to the community and the many lives we have touched. It has been a privilege and an honor to empower women and to truly partner with them along their journeys. I have loved being a women’s health nurse practitioner and will always be grateful to the thousands of clients who trusted me with their care. I am excited for the next chapter and proud of the Center’s growth with the addition of primary care to serve our community.”

Message from Andrea Irwin, Executive Director:

“Terry’s unwavering commitment to her clients and the Center’s feminist philosophy of care, that everyone deserves a provider who listens to their concerns with compassion, and supports their decisions without judgment, is unmatched. Her legacy is the Center’s strong foundation as an essential safety net provider, and in supporting and empowering so many clients.”

We look forward to sharing more opportunities to honor Terry’s legacy and contributions to Mabel Wadsworth Center in the months to come, and even celebrating in person when it is safe to do so!

Ensuring continuous, uninterrupted care for our clients is our highest priority. Fortunately, we have several other providers ready to assume care for Terry’s clients and we are now offering primary care in addition to OB-GYN services. Please call us (947-5337) or email (info@mabelwadsworth.org) to establish care and to arrange an appointment.

We are so grateful for Terry’s many years of service and friendship. Please consider making a special gift in her honor, to help us continue to do such vital work.


Donate to “Terry’s Trust” (please write “Terry’s Trust” in donations notes)