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Policy Updates in Response to COVID-19

October 23, 2020

As we approach winter during the ongoing pandemic, we continue to follow CDC guidelines and prioritize staff and client safety. Please review our updated policies prior to your appointment.

We continue to require masking and recommend frequent handwashing/sanitizing for all visitors. Most clients have the option of virtual visits using telehealth when possible. We are not allowing any support people into the clinic and are limiting the number of staff onsite. If you do need to come to the office, please be sure to follow these policies:

For all clients

Staff will continue to ask you to report any flu-like symptoms  (fever >100.0, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle aches, unusual fatigue, nausea and diarrhea)  when you schedule your in-person appointment. Additionally, we will be checking temperatures as part of our check-in process to screen for fever (temperature >100.0).

For non-abortion care clients: If you have a temperature of >100.0, we will recommend you visit walk-in-care or reschedule your appointment. Alternatively, our provider may be able to see you in your vehicle.

For clients seeking abortion care or who have been seen for abortion care and have follow-up needs:

Abortion care clients with flu-like symptoms may be seen in the office, based on individual needs and at the Director of Clinical Services’s discretion. If you have a fever or other symptoms, but still require in-person care, we will room you immediately and staff will use enhanced PPE during the visit.

Expected Waiting Times and Client Communication

Please also be aware that we anticipate increased demand for time-sensitive services and possible staff outages this fall and winter. Due to these factors, we want to make you aware that your wait time may be longer than usual and that we may need to contact you to change or reschedule an appointment.

Here’s what you can do to make the process work better:

  • Make sure we have your up-to-date contact information, including the best number to reach you and that you are able to accept voicemail.
  • Sign up for our patient portal for easier access.
  • Allow plenty of time to request prescription refills or non-urgent appointments.
  • Treat our staff with respect and compassion.

Here’s what we are doing:

  • Prioritizing your health and safety by requiring staff to stay home if they or a household member suspects COVID infection.
  • Working hard to respond to your needs in a timely manner, and continuing to provide quality care for all of our clients.
  • Treating our clients with respect and compassion.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. We are in this together.

If you have questions, please email info@mabelwadsworth.org.

Thank you!