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Charlotte’s Story

     I was at the young age of 16 when I got pregnant.  At first I was in denial when I missed my first period, and was still in denial when I missed my second and third.  I had always had a regular period and I knew that I should at least tell my mom that I hadn’t had my period in three months. At first she was horrified and cried constantly.  After a couple days had gone by and she was able to calm down, she informed me that I was the one to make a decision and she would support me with whichever I picked.   
     I took a test and it was positive.  I was pregnant at sixteen, and was only a junior in high school.  I knew that I wanted to have a family and children, but  now wasn’t the right time.  Abortion was something that I had never thought much about, until I was the one making the decision.  I went through with an abortion.  At first I felt empty inside, but I also had a great feeling of relief.  Even though I wonder what my life would be like if I had gone through with the pregnancy, I do believe that I made the right decision.