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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), also known as “Pregnancy Resource Centers”, are facilities that look like medical clinics but are actually anti-choice centers created to oppose abortion rights. CPCs give inaccurate information (or worse, no information) about abortion as an option for pregnant women.

CPCs are often publicly funded and run by anti-choice advocates; they frequently have no medically licensed staff.  CPCs may attempt to coerce and intimidate women out of considering abortion as an option, and can prevent women from receiving unbiased and comprehensive medical advice.  In many instances, misinformation becomes intimidation – the worst possible kind of “counseling” a woman needs or wants.

CPCs are often located near colleges and universities. CPC advertisements in college newspapers have included slogans such as “Pregnant? Scared? We can help!” or “Free Pregnancy Test”.  Although they may claim to provide information about all options, Crisis Pregnancy Centers often refuse to make referrals for abortions or birth control.

The staff at Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center have heard numerous stories from clients who have gone to CPCs. These women have received inaccurate information, including being told that abortion can cause breast cancer; abortion will cause serious and life-long depression; and abortion will cause a woman to become infertile. Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center strongly opposes the presence of CPCs and the public funding provided to them.

For more information on Crisis Pregnancy Centers and what you can do to help raise awareness, contact our Education and Outreach department at . You can also visit any of the following links for more information:


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